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Beard Chiropractic Family Wellness Clinic values our patients' feedback and we are always looking for ways to improve your experiences here at our clinic. If you are currently a patient, you have two options to provide feedback to us.  You can download and print the questionnaire below and bring it in to us on your next visit,  OR you can scroll back up to the top of this page and click on TESTIMONIALS.  Then scroll down to PATIENT TESTIMONIAL, fill it out and click the Submit button at the bottom of the form. You will be asked to sign your form on your next visit to the clinic.

Download & Print Questionnaire

Dr. Danny Beard

I am impressed by the details of the services offered here - the x-rays and  scans that help pinpoint the problem.  I didn't have any of this at my previous chiropractor. I am improving each week since I started coming to this office.
    Linda Gage, Oxford, WI

I have received very good service here and have been most impressed by Dr. Beard's adjustments.  I also enjoy the dry erase boards!
    Jody Gajdosik, Montello, WI

My pain is pretty much gone.  It doesn't hurt when I walk and I can now go to bed and lay on my back without pain.  I can also make the bed in the morning without pain when I bend over.  I like the natural approach to wellness - nutritional supplements, etc.
    A.B., Portage, WI

My pain is much reduced.  I just feel better, more relaxed in my muscles and in my mind.  I can do my job with much less discomfort.  The service here has been excellent.  They are caring and thoughtful and ready to listen and then help.  I also am receiving much pain relief in my feet and lower back from my orthotics suggested by Dr. Beard.
    Jenifer Foster, Wisconsin Dells, WI

I'm very pleased with my whole experience.  Dr. Beard is very professional, friendly and relaxing to be around.  The receptionists are really friendly and helpful.  I'm glad I decided to come here.
    K. F., Pardeeville, WI

I really feel you are helping me to walk better and am not sure I would be walking without your help.
    Pat Foust, Portage, WI

I have received wonderful service and like the personal care and concern for my issues.
    T. R., Portage, WI

I have minimal to no pain turning in bed and less restlessness at night. The service here is first rate.  I have been impressed by the friendliness of Dr. Beard and his staff and their attitude of wellness.  I feel like I am receiving exceptional care at an affordable price.  I am pleased that Dr. Beard is a member of my wellness team.
    Peggy Nelson, Portage, WI

I have received excellent service and am impressed by the thoroughness and the x-rays and scans.  The atmosphere in this office is friendly and relaxed.  I love their library.  The books are superb and you can check them out.
    J. F., Portage, WI

I have started to sleep normally again.  I can bend over without pain.  My energy level has increased.  I am finally able to enjoy activities with my family again.  The staff is personable and friendly.  Dr. Beard actually cares about your health and allows patients to heal themselves without meds.  The detailed testing and follow-up testing to judge improvement or change is an excellent method.
    Bill Ahrens, Montello, WI

My back feels great, neck is getting better, and numbness in hands is gone.  I am sleeping better.  The service is excellent and I really like the detailed tests and information you receive.
    B. D., Endeavor, WI

My whole view of healthcare and wellness has changed.  The basic concept of "wellness" as opposed to the medical model, makes much more sense and feels more natural.  The service is wonderful and the staff are very friendly and helpful.
    Laura Ahrens, Montello, WI

My headaches have decreased and I sleep better.  The service has been very good and professional.  I have been impressed by the scans and the explaining of the scans.  I am very happy with the care that I have received so far.  Thank you.
    Jeff  Garetson, Portage, WI

I have been able to do my chores with very little pain now.  You do a terrific job.
    A. M., Westfield, WI

The service here is excellent and I don't have the problems with my back, neck, and headaches as before.  Everyone is easy to get along with and Doc takes time to listen and is concerned about my problems.
    Donald Manz, Dalton, WI

I have much less pain and can bend a lot easier.  I am sleeping better.  I am back to walking twice a day.  I like the way all stages of my care are explained to me.  I also like all the tips on what's good for my health.  I am very happy with the way the adjustments are improving my quality of life.
    J.A., Portage, WI

I now have minimal pain in my neck and back and less headaches.  I am sleeping better and have more energy.  I have a better attitude and am less moody.  I like the way everything is explained to me and your understanding of my time.  I have recommended you to friends and family for your great service and timely manner.
    Brian Paske, Portage, WI

I dealt with sinus conditions and headaches for several years, and made numerous trips to my family doctor and an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist. All produced the same results, which were more medication prescriptions. After seeing Dr. Beard, my headaches have dramatically decreased, my breathing is more relaxed, and I feel more energetic and less stressed. I wish I would have contacted Dr. Beard several years earlier.
    Donald Kurtzweil, Lodi, WI

I suffered from lower back pain, especially in the mornings, occasional (extreme) neck pain, and PMS - BAD PMS! After becoming a patient here, my back is no longer sore in the mornings, my neck hasn't bothered me at all, and my PMS has diminished a great deal.
    Patricia Reick, Portage, WI

I was unable to move my shoulders or head without experiencing severe pain. I have a sprained neck. This results in pain in the shoulders, arms, neck, and headaches. The medical doctors only kept me drugged up so I wouldn't feel pain. However they would not treat what was causing the pain. Dr. Beard has treated the injury from Day 1, and from day 1, I have not taken any medication. Although I am still currently being treated, I am able to at least move my head to where I can drive and even return to my job for half days. My severe headaches have never returned. I have received nothing less than excellent care from all of the staff. You're definitely not just another number. You're treated like a real person.
    R. M., Westfield, WI

The adjustments are done carefully. Dr. Beard has a gentle, but effective technique. I love coming here, and I appreciate how much better I feel after treatment.
    Cheryl Nicholson, Portage, WI

I had leg pain, neck pain, and was unable to walk due to being hit by a car. After being cared for by Dr. Beard, I have more flexibility, no pain, no headaches, less stress, and am able to sleep soundly. I no longer need medication. I have seen both the medical and chiropractic healing. I prefer chiropractic.
    K. B., DeForest, WI

After going to Dr. Beard's I feel more comfortable, I can move around much better, and I don't hurt as much.
    Barb Gray, Portage, WI

The people are friendly. You become a part of this place, not just a patient. This place is great!
    Y. J., Endeavor, WI

I have cerebral palsy and have had severe headaches and low back pain for years. It would be nothing to take 10-12 Tylenol a day. After becoming a patient of Dr. Beard's, my headaches are mild if at all, most of the time, and the pain in my back has decreased. I am not popping Tylenol daily. I feel better. Doctor Beard takes time with you and listens to you and gives you his honest opinion. My husband asked me to try Dr. Beard because he had helped him so much with his back. I was a little scared at first, already having cerebral palsy. I didn't want anything else to happen. I trust him so much now with myself and my children, and the change in their lives is wonderful.
    Dawn Beckes, Portage, WI

New specials for new patients!

Sign-up using the form or call us at 608-742-2333 to learn about our exclusive offers.


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